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January 14, 2016

“Stunning…” – Los Angeles Times
“Marvelous to watch and to hear…” – LA Weekly
“An interlink of splendid musicians…a true garden of delights.” – Lou Harrison

PARTCH is the Grammy® winning percussion ensemble that specializes in the music & instruments of the iconoclastic American Maverick composer Harry Partch who, between 1930 and 1972, created one of the most amazing bodies of sensually alluring and emotionally powerful music of the 20th century. Partch wrote music drama, dance theater, multi-media extravaganzas, vocal music and chamber music—all to be performed on the extraordinary orchestra of instruments that he designed and built himself.

They have performed for Chamber Music in Historic Sites, the LA County Museum of Art, UCLA’s Partch Centennial Celebration, Sacramento’s Festival of New American Music, Minnesota Public Radio’s American Mavericks, Mills College, UNM Albuquerque, the Getty Center, Repertory Dance Theatre RDT Salt Lake City, Carlsbad Music Festival, Jacaranda Music, the Guadalajara International Book Fair, Grand Performances, and the San Francisco Symphony. In 2004, they  made their Disney Hall/REDCAT debut premiering Harry Partch’s Bitter Music, and have returned every year since.

In 2015, the ensemble won a Grammy Award for Best Classical Compendium for their album “Plectra & Percussion Dances.”

The Instruments:
•  Adapted Viola (1930)  •  Adapted Guitar I (1935)  •  Kithara (1938)  •  Chromelodeon (1941)  •  Adapted Guitar II (1945)  • Harmonic Canons (1945)  •  Diamond Marimba (1946)    •    Adapted Guitar III (1950)   •   Bass Marimba (1950)  •  Cloud Chamber Bowls (1950)    •   HypoBass (1950)  •  Marimba Eroica (1951)  •  Surrogate Kithara (1953)  •  Spoils of War (1955)  •  Boo (1955)

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