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  • Kaki King

    Kaki King (“The Neck Is A Bridge To The Body”)

    Live Music • Projected Media • Visual Arts

    Provocative and moving, surprising and beautiful, “The Neck Is A Bridge To The Body” is Kaki...

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  • splash

    Kid Koala’s Nufonia Must Fall

    DJ / Electronica • Live Music • Projected Media • Theatrical

    Globetrotting scratch DJ Kid Koala presents a magical, multi-disciplinary and theatrical adaptation...

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  • penny_-14x11_lo_rez

    Penny Arcade

    DJ / Electronica • Theatrical • Visual Arts

    Penny Arcade’s “Longing Lasts Longer” Penny Arcade’s “Longing Lasts...

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  • jojo-abot-4

    Jojo Abot

    Global Music • Theatrical • Visual Arts

    JOJO ABOT is a genre and media bending artist currently touring with Ms. Lauryn Hill while...

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  • MMatreyek_ThisWorldMadeItself_15

    Miwa Matreyek

    Projected Media • Theatrical • Visual Arts

    Animation takes on a more physical and present quality, while body and space take on a more...

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  • bella gaia img


    Global Music • Projected Media

    BELLA GAIA – (Beautiful Earth) A Poetic Vision of Earth from Space An Immersive World Music &...

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  • 0001

    Journey Live

    The Chicago-based Fifth House Ensemble (praised by the New York Times for its “conviction,...

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  • teatrocinema img


    Projected Media • Theatrical

    Chilean theater company TeatroCinema  is one of the most genre-breaking groups around. Frustrated...

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  • troker-cadenza-photocredit-calavera-estudio


    DJ / Electronica • Global Music • Projected Media

    If Salvador Dali ever made a heist movie, then Mexico’s Troker would have been the soundtrack....

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  • United_Vibrations_3

    United Vibrations

    Global Music • Live Music

    United Vibrations are the brothers Ahmad, Kareem, and Yussef Dayes and Wayne Francis II. They...

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  • Sonar-mes-que-del-public_ARAIMA20150621_0069_45

    Niño de Elche (“Son of Elche”)

    DJ / Electronica • Global Music

    Niño de Elche is a cantaor, a singer of flamenco, but not as we know it. His references are not...

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  • pleiades-a-magical-dance-performance-by-enra-L-1xLpFu


    Dance • Projected Media

    ‘ENRA’ is a visual performance unit from Japan performing stunningly unique animation-based...

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  • 11846747_10153218803888220_3914119034285381705_n

    Sidra Bell Dance New York

    Dance • Theatrical

    Sidra Bell Dance New York (NY) is a brand of prolific movement that presents innovative, kinetic,...

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  • Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 3.47.27 PM


    Dance • Theatrical

    Compañía Sharon Fridman is a contemporary dance group formed in 2007 and based in Madrid. The...

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    Click here to view the entire Cadenza Artists agency roster of artists....

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About Us

About Us.

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    CADENZA+ is a roster of artists, projects, and productions that progressively play with genre, defy artistic stereotypes, and innovate with technology or methodology.

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    Greg Kastelman

    Vice President / Director of Concert Booking

    Greg Kastelman is the Vice President of Cadenza Artists, and serves as the Director of Concert Booking & Business Development.

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    Julia Torgovitskaya

    CEO and Principal Manager

    Julia Torgovitskaya is the CEO and Principal Manager of Cadenza Artists LLC. Julia holds an MS in Executive Leadership.

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    The Cadenza Artists Team

    Entire Cadenza Artists Team